Batman and robin facts

batman and robin facts

Let's take a look at some facts you may not know about Batman. Blake) was added to the show to fend off viewers from thinking Batman and Robin were gay. To celebrate, here are 10 bat- facts you may not know. Robin is an opinion- splitting character amongst fans, and in readers were given. Who was Bruce Wayne named after and why was Robin only here is a look at ten amazing Batman facts you almost certainly never knew.

Batman and robin facts - Bonus wird

Batman was created as a combination of Zorro, Dracula, and the Shadow — Source. More recently, though, he did an interview with Vice in which he gave credit to Warner Bros. Popular artists like Jewel, the Goo Goo Dolls, and R. However, the Boy Wonder was initially meant to make just a single appearance. These involved the elder Flying Graysons getting killed off by the Joker while performing their family trapeze act, Dick seeking to avenge his parents death, Robin wielding a gun, and Batman, for some reason, on a horse. News Reviews What to watch Features Interviews On demand More. A big part of the appeal of the original Batman franchise was seeing major stars cast lady charme glücksspiele the roles of famous comic book heroes and villains. Of course, through the guidance of father-of-the-year Batman, he grows into a young hero who saves the world. Unfortunately, Darkseid was using his own comic book logic. He's also been featured in several TV shows, including Magnum PIThe Facts of Lifeand The Gong Show. Why did they want to fast-track things?


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