Rattlesnake jake rango

rattlesnake jake rango

Rattlesnake Jake might be a perfect villian cause, 1st, a great voice, his sarcasm is good, and the fact that. Time for another LK fandub heading straight for you! This is to show that I'm still trying to be productive during. Rattlesnake Jake is the (former) secondary antagonist of Rango. As his name implies, he is a dangerous Western diamondback rattlesnake that never leaves a. rattlesnake jake rango

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This was shown in the film, as he openly shamed Rango in front of all the people in Dirt and managed to keep everyone paralyzed with fear using only words and his frightening presence. He then nodded his head to him and considered him to be a true legend like himself before carrying the Mayor off to his fate. Goals Get rid of, if not kill, Rango briefly succeeded. This character biography is empty. When the Mayor tries to shoot, it turns out that the last bullet was taken by Rango, who then uses it to break open the giant water bottle he and Beans were drowning in and flush everyone out of the town hall into the streets, where Rango finally manages to subdue the Mayor. While incredibly deadly in battle, he also seems to be very familiar with utilizing fear, humiliation, and power-plays by speaking ominously deep-voiced to get inside his enemy's heads. He is extremely cruel and vicious; he is constantly seen using violence to threaten others, and shows no apparent mercy to his victims. Contents [ show ]. Photos See red stage 4 slideshow. Please add a character biography by clicking. As his name implies, he is a dangerous Western diamondback rattlesnake that never leaves a town without taking a single soul.


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