Standard dart rules

standard dart rules

In the standard game of darts, the board is hung so that the bulls eyes is 5ft 8in (m) from the floor or eye-level for a six foot man. The Oche is the line that a. A typical dart board will have an outer ring called a double ring, a triples ring, an outer bull and an inner bull. The BDO control and setup their own tournament rules internally while the PDC tournament rules are laid down by the DRA(Darts Regulation Authority).


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The Oche is the line that a throwing player must stand behind, this generally 7ft 9in 2. When all 15 red balls are hit; you must then proceed in hitting the coloured balls in order of points as shown on chart as these balls get hit they are removed from the game. It consists of a circle of 20 segments numbered from 1 to 20 in a seemingly random fashion. This is done by first writing the numbers down on individual pieces of paper and then the numbers are drawn blindly. The practice game can also be played as a game against an opponent or on your own. Winning the game In order to reach zero each player must finish by throwing a double i. Modern flights are generally made from plastic, nylon, or foil and are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Some manufactures have sought to solve this by making a flight long and thin but this in turn sniper assasin other problems such as changing the dart's centre of gravity. Grand National Grand National Players: There is no penalty for hitting the 7 because it is no longer in the game, the next player then has a turn Mathematically, removing the rotational symmetry by placing the "20" at the top, there are 19!


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